How to put together an awesome playlist

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How To…

Here you are, the week before the wedding trying to think of all the songs you love that ought to make it to your playlist; and…Blank!!! You try so hard to remember all the times you were on some “that’s my jam” but then you discover all you know is la la la and na na na…only for all these songs to come rushing back like a flood, after the wedding!! Let’s take a moment of silence…

Avoid that “oh darn” moment by following these simple tips on how to put together a “boss” playlist that will be jam packed with his and hers favourite jams from start to finish. [these can be used for a bedroom playlist as well *wink wink*]

Step 1: download “Shazam” on your smart phone or device [ ]

Step 2: When you hear your favourite Jam, don’t just lalala it, Shazam it! all you do is open your app, then touch/select the icon to Shazam. After a few seconds of listening, Shazam will bring up the song title and artist.




Step 3: use the share icon to copy and save the details onto your phone notepad. Repeat steps 1 to 3 as many times as you would like to get your desired playlist over time. And when you think of a song that may not be playing at that time, do some good ol’ fashioned googling and pinteresting (yes it’s a verb now) and add found details to your playlist. When the day draws close, simply email the list to your DJ or cousin Nicholas to make sure they can source as many of your jams as possible. Also note that Shazam does keep a history of songs you searched for in case you lose your list, simply go into Shazam and create a new one.

Remember these songs are simply your favourite and not the only songs on the list. Let the DJ (assuming you trust him not to play “I don’t ever wan see you again” by uncle Sam) do his thang and keep your friends and family dancing and falling in love with love throughout the day and night.



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